About Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc.

Our Approach:

“Each of us has capacities. The real trick is knowing the machinery of the boat in which you are crossing the channel.”
— Joseph Campbell —
DiSC Overview
Enneagram Overview
// ./images/photo-03.jpg I work in partnership with leaders of organizations at all levels including entrepreneurs, executives, first-line supervisors, hospital nurses, scientists, sales managers and more. I have worked with leaders in corporations, small to mid-sized companies, hospitals, nonprofits, and government. I begin by gathering qualitative and quantitative information in order to understand your business issues, organizational culture and the context in which you operate. Depending upon the size and scope of the engagement, I may bring in trusted associates as needed. 

We provide large-scale train-the-trainer programs to create positive working environments where employees want to come to work.  On an individual level, I assist people in unlocking their own innate potential to increase their effectiveness, performance, and personal fulfillment. I guide you to your own wisdom by partnering with you to grow into the vision you desire for yourself and your organization. You will learn about yourself and increase your self-knowledge through non-evaluative self-assessments including but not limited to the DiSC Profile Personality Profile and the Enneagram among others. You will learn what works for you as a unique individual. There are no cookie-cutter approaches that work for everybody.  Self-knowledge and self-awareness is a continual process supported and informed by our relationships with others. Leadership is a relationship as I have outlined in my award-winning article “Leading with Love”.

 I can help you and the members of your organization learn how you may be blocking your success with limiting beliefs and mental models, ineffective communication skills, and/or misaligned behaviors and actions. I work with you and your team and throughout an organization to teach you the attitudes, skills, and behaviors that will enable you to reach mutually agreed upon success destinations.

The “principles for inspired success” are consistent regardless of your industry or functional specialty such as sales, marketing, engineering, professional services, accounting and finance, etc. These principles are supported by practical tools and techniques and encompass authentic leadership through self-awareness, skill development, and personal growth.

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